Technology with Humanity

We are designers, developers, strategists and organizers passionate about using our expertise to solve important problems. We believe the world is better when it is healthy, equitable, sustainable, and delightful.

Cantilever Team MembersCantilever Team Members

Our Story

We were founded in NYC in 2011 by designer/developer Ty Fujimura. Since then we’ve grown to a staff of fifteen incredible people working from six different countries.

Our Impact

We have a triple bottom line – People, Profits, and the Planet. We measure our success not only by our paychecks but by the effect we’ve had on the world around us.

Our Expert Team

Our team consists of some of the world’s top designers, developers, strategists and project managers. We are headquartered in NYC, with staff in six countries, speaking over twenty languages!

Core Team


Our Handbook

We write down our strategies, policies, and lessons learned in our Handbook. We’ve released this all to the public so companies worldwide can learn how we run a distributed creative business doing top-level work.

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