Quick Fixes For Your Current Website

Ever feel like something is constantly breaking on your website? Or you’re always a few software updates behind and skittish about installing the latest version? Our Tune-Up is here to fix that.

Instant Pain Relief

Between keeping the back-end up to date and the front-end functioning properly, websites can be a lot of work.

Our Tune-Up relieves you of the time, stress and headaches of keeping your website problem-free while setting it up for long term success.

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Sound like a plan?

We’d love the opportunity to get your website firing on all cylinders.

Your Website,
Only Better

Our Tune-Up is strategically performed between two other Cantilever services: The Diagnostic, which unearths and assesses your website’s key issues; and Core Coverage, which provides a range of ongoing maintenance to keep it fully optimized.

Our Tune-Up Includes:
  • Third-party software updates that ensure your site is fully equipped with the latest and greatest.
  • Security hardening to keep your data safe and the bad guys locked out.
  • Accessibility compliance so anyone and everyone is able to fully experience your website.
  • Major bug fixes that enable your site to function as it should and help prevent future glitches.
  • Data & analytics upgrades that allow for better assessments of your site’s performance
  • Complete documentation of your website that articulates functionality, design and code for anyone who works on it.
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