Martech Engineers (GTM/Segment/GA)


Cantilever is a mission-driven web design and development consultancy. We are looking for experts in implementing and managing complex marketing tagging ecosystems for our client websites, based in Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Segment.

Your Mission

To ensure that Cantilever clients have the highest possible marketing data quality so they can make smart decisions for their business.

Key Competencies

  • You should know enough basic Javascript and web development that you can implement custom scripts in GTM or other tools, but you don’t need to be a developer.
  • You should understand common marketing tech like GTM, GA, and the Facebook Pixel at a high level. You know the quirks of different platforms and how they are best set up for success by marketing stakeholders.
  • You should understand the digital marketing world and have context for why tools need to work in specific ways.


  1. Reduce the frequency of client data quality problems
  2. Reduce development time required to maintain analytics tagging by simplifying and consolidating tools
  3. Reduce impact of ad blockers/ITP on data collection by migrating to first-party data and server-side tools
  4. Reduce page load impact of third party tags using deferral techniques and server-side methods

Key Responsibilities

Recommended Training, Education & Certifications


We are looking for freelancers charging between $20 and $150 per hour. We will consider people at various levels of seniority for different client needs.

How to Apply

If you're interested in this role, please send your application at

Please include:

1. At least three samples of code you have recently written. Choose examples where you went outside the box to solve a problem.

2. A 3-5 minute Loom video of you showing your code samples and discussing your thinking behind them. What challenges did you face and what problems did you solve?

Applications without these two things will be immediately rejected so please don’t bother unless you are willing to take the time to provide them. No moonlighting or agencies please.

Thank you!

How to Apply

Please use the Freelancer Application Form below and indicate that you are interested in our Martech role.

Under question 4 (”Where can we see your work?”) please include a link to a video recording of you talking about a GTM/Segment setup you implemented, including:

  • Technical challenges you had to resolve
  • How you ensured that tags did not slow down the page
  • How you addressed Ad blocker/ITP issues

Thank you for considering our role!!

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