Our Story

Technology, With Humanity

We are designers, developers, strategists and organizers passionate about using our expertise for good. We believe the world is better when it is healthy, equitable, sustainable, and delightful. We believe access to information is a human right.

Our Values

Digital Hospitality

Websites are spaces people enter, not billboards they see from a distance. We care about every user and empathize with their experience.

Profits Create Potential

We can’t make a difference without being sustainable. We focus on staying lean and charging fairly so that we can continue to provide stable employment and grow to serve all of our clients better.

Trust & Independence

We hire smart people and expect them to be smart. Cantilever staff make their own choices – when to ask for help, when to stop and check in with the client, how long to work, from where, and on what schedule. In exchange, they do their best work.

Radical Candor

We care deeply and confront directly. We detest deception and seek maximal transparency.

Relentless Passion for Improvement

We’ve never found the absolute right way to do things. All the progress we have made has merely been to enable the next optimization.

Since 2011 we’ve been writing down our strategies, policies, and lessons learned in our Handbook. We make this public so companies worldwide can learn how we run a distributed creative business doing top-level work.

Our Story

We were founded in NYC in 2011 by designer/developer Ty Fujimura. Since then we’ve grown to a staff of fifteen incredible people working from six different countries.

In architecture, a Cantilever is a structure that looks impossible but is made real through design and engineering. We believe we are constantly striving to achieve the impossible through our craft.

Meet The Team

Ty Fujimura

Fair Lawn, NJ, USA

Ty’s career purpose is uniting creativity and business. Put simply, “When creativity meets business, we find solutions to problems people thought were impossible, and we generate value beyond what people ever expected.”

After a successful career as a freelance designer, developer, and copywriter, he founded Cantilever in 2011 as the vehicle to build a team, take on larger projects and add value to the digital world on an ongoing basis. As CEO of Cantilever, he is committed to outstanding results for clients and building the kind of environment that brings out the best in staff and allows them to thrive while creating those results.

He has written on design for the Huffington Post and has been interviewed for CNN.com, VIBE Magazine and radio. Outside of Cantilever, he co-hosts a US soccer podcast called We The Peeps. He lives in Fair Lawn, NJ with his two young children.

Andrei Scarlatescu

Partner and Creative Director
Copenhagen, Denmark

Andrei uses his love of and extensive experience in graphic and digital design to both oversee and create the powerful visual experiences that are part of our signature style.  Before joining Cantilever, he worked with companies around the globe including UEFA, BMW, Rambus, and Novo Nordisk. For Andrei, design serves as the vehicle through which his favorite part of the job – understanding client needs and expressing them – is brought to life. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, he loves cycling, climbing mountains, and good coffee.

Ryan Gibbons

Phoenix, AZ, USA

A digital storyteller at heart, with a degree in photojournalism, Ryan first put these skills and training to use at NPR in Washington D.C. He went on to work as VP of Operations in the educational travel space with an international company he helped grow from2,500 to 11,000 travelers annually. With extensive experience working with designers and developers, overseeing the development of websites and thousands of pages of design and print production, he wanted to deepen his work in helping people tell their stories on the web. He had been a client of Cantilever’s and therefore knew the quality of the work and commitment to client relationships. When the opportunity to step into this leadership role opened up, he knew it was the right fit. Ryan brings a unique blend of marketing, management, and business experience to all of his work with our clients. He lives in Phoenix, AZ with his family.

Joelle Riding

Project Manager
Austin, TX, USA

Joelle  got her start in the tech world by creating a travel blog that encouraged others to travel around the world on a budget. Before joining Cantilever she grew her own boutique web design agency helping online coaches get their message to the masses. She applies her goal of cultivating joy wherever she goes to her work with clients and colleagues, and brings this fully to her role as a project manager. She is presently based in Austin, TX though she is a Kentuckian at heart. Outside of Cantilever, you can find her hiking with her pup, playing sand volleyball, or cooking elaborate meals in her kitchen.

Andrew Heins

Lead Artisan
Toronto, ON, CA

Andrew grew up in small-town Ontario, Canada, watching his dad build, fix and maintain things, both as a passion and as an entrepreneur. While the tools of the trade may be different for this Heins generation, Andrew seems to have picked up his father’s appreciation for the care and maintenance of things. He spends his days working to make Cantilever sites run just a little bit better every day.

Brian Kuperman

Lead Artisan
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Brian is a graphic designer and front-end developer with a passion for pushing boundaries with design and creating unique experiences on the web. He previously worked for Penske Media Corporation as their Interactive Art Director and was responsible for the redesign of Rolling Stone, Variety, and Deadline. His background is formally in design and his interest in development has allowed him to wear both hats and know exactly how to design something that will translate into the digital world. Brian lives in Los Angeles, California with his husband and two dogs.  He is an avid gamer and even created his own mobile game - Sputter!

JT Fridsma

Creative Technologist
Chattanooga, TN, USA

JT lives to explore. Whether looking for street art down an alley in a new city, listening to the latest up-and-coming musical artist, or learning a new javascript library, he is always collecting moments of insight and inspiration. From these varied experiences, he applies his background in graphic design and front-end development to craft unique, engaging, and polished solutions for our client’s brands and websites. His prior experience includes working in the NYC start-up scene at Grooveshark and freelancing in Austin, TX — opportunities that allowed him to design major advertising campaigns, event experiences, and rebrand companies. JT has been interviewed by the NY Times and Fast Company about his poster designs, and helps manage Street Art Cities: Austin He probably has one too many hobbies, and lives in Chattanooga with his two cats.

Annie Levy

Communications Fellow, Chief Story Officer

Annie is dedicated to working with leaders of signature organizations to help them discover and articulate the heart of who they are and create ways to infuse those strengths into every aspect of their organization’s life. All to engage new and existing audiences/markets and develop and grow their human resources.

She brings her story work both internally to Cantilever and to the work we do with our clients.  Trained as both a writer/photographer with her BFA from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, she also holds her LMSW from Silberman School of Social Work which she pursued to include human-centered design in her work. An award-winning photographer and creative director, her work is done on a variety of platforms – ranging from exclusively digital to live events. Annie is based in NYC.

Roman Vanivskyi

UI/UX Designer and Front-end Developer
Lviv, Ukraine

Roman works at the intersection of aesthetics and functionality in design and development. His eye for branding/graphic design, love of complex systems and details are the perfect combination of skills for his work at Cantilever. With a depth of experience in systems and branding design, his goal is to work with our team to create a unique and highly accessible experience for end-users, bringing an unparalleled level of value to our clients. He is currently based in Lviv, Ukraine.

Rebecca Testrake

Head of QA
Portland, OR, USA

Rebecca, as a home-grown Quality Engineer, is uniquely suited to the job of all things QA at Cantilever. If she can’t “break” a website, we know we can confidently deliver it to a client with the assurance that it can’t be broken. She also directs our Client Documentation Division and all things pertaining to our internal Cantilever processes. Rebecca loves baking, gardening, dancing, and generally being all things creative. She is based in Portland, Oregon, and describes her dog “Teacup” as “the best dog ever”.

Pravin Kumar

No-Code Developer and UI/UX Designer
Bangalore, KA, India

Pravin is an Aeronautical graduate turned self-taught designer and no-code developer. He applies his technical expertise and experience to designs, using Webflow to build modern & powerful websites with a single goal: bringing a client’s vision to life.  Pravin is a fitness junkie and occasional marathoner who enjoys watching and playing cricket. He owns an adorable dog and is currently based in Bangalore, India.

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