APC is changing the way medicine is made. We have partnered with them since 2020 to establish and expand a beautiful web presence and smart marketing strategy to support their rapid growth.

About The Client

APC is a global leader in pharmaceutical process development, partnering with companies large and small to bring medicines to market faster via breakthrough science.


APC was doing incredible innovative work in process development: Designing the “recipe” for how medicines should be made. Their web presence and marketing materials lacked legitimacy, clarity, and direction. Critically, the website also had to be configured to support APC's expanding full-funnel digital marketing effort, via custom Google analytics and advertising pixel configuration, for effective re-targeting and conversion tracking.


We mapped out a rapid but deep dive into understanding both the landscape of pharmaceutical process development and the business-critical problems APC solves for their target markets.

Then, we crafted those understandings into a website content strategy, an email and organic social media amplification strategy and an effective approach to paid advertising. Together, this digital marketing strategy built brand awareness, website traffic and new qualified sales leads.

We created a clean and effective APC website, then built out a new website for their new sibling company, VLE, which launched in 2022. When VLE was introduced we undertook a comprehensive visual identity project that ensured that both companies had distinct brands that coordinated and matched when used in tandem.


In the year following the launch of the new APC Website and Social Media Content Strategy we saw:

  • 127% increase in Users of the website
  • 144% increase in Pageviews as people explored the new site
  • 54% of website traffic explored APC beyond typical Home Page and Careers Page visits
  • Over 7% decrease in the average Bounce Rate on the site
  • The new social media content strategy lead to LinkedIn and Twitter being the second-largest traffic drivers to the site
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