Bipartisan Policy Center

Since 2019 we have partnered with the BPC to reach citizens online through accessible, clean web design and development.

About The Client

The BPC is a DC think tank fostering bipartisanship by combining the best ideas from both parties to promote health, security, and opportunity for all Americans.


The BPC had a treasure trove of information, but their existing site was hard to understand and navigate, both for the public and internal teams.

They needed to stand out from dry one-directional political sites and create clarity from complexity, allowing constituents to easily access and use BPC's wealth of Bi-Partisan thought leadership.


We conducted an intensive user experience research and site structuring phase to ensure that the site architecture would be intuitive and expandable. We created a user-centric, intuitive and navigable site that encouraged topical exploration and deep dives into content across reports, articles and podcast episodes. We have created dozens of interactive and engaging features ranging from maps to calculators to donation tools, all building on the same modular codebase.


  • 96% increase in overall organic traffic over the first three years after launch
  • Over 15% decrease in bounce rate across the site
  • Google Analytics configured to track unique visitor constituencies
BPC business landing page
Desktop hero section of An Introduction to Small Business Innovation Programs article
BPC Donation page
The best ideas from both parties article
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Responsive hero section of BPC landing page
Responsive version of the housing page
Responsive version of the business landing page
Responsive version of the best ideas from both parties article
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