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We helped Esquire imagine and launch their full-issue archive, designing and developing a recommendation website to drive conversion.

About The Client

Esquire needs no introduction. They are a publication that leads the conversation on what it means to be a man.


Esquire was creating a full-issue archive with well-known firm Bondi Digital. To drive subscription activity, they wanted to also create a site where they could showcase the best content from that archive in a timely fashion, connecting the past to the present.

The project needed to include payment and page-viewer technology, and required a new logo, pricing model and business strategy.


We helped determine the strategic plan for the product, including finalizing the product’s name: “Esquire Classic.” We delivered a sharp brand treatment that fit with the overall magazine brand, then built a bespoke website that allowed their editors to curate selections from the archive in reaction to current events.

By giving meaning to the content and interacting directly with their paywall software, we drove subscription activity and contributed to making the archive a commercial success.


  • Featured articles let past pieces speak with timely relevance to in-the-moment news
  • The existing archive management platform was seamlessly integrated into a new audience-friendly site
  • Legacy content created evergreen earnings


Desktop version of Esquire Classic landing page
Sports article page
Lessons from a life issue page
The complicated man article by Michael Eric Dyson
This Way In section showcasing multiple articles
Email preferences section
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Responsive version of Lessons from a Life issue page
Responsive version of the complicated man article
Responsive version of Read This Next articles
Every Article, Every Issue subscription CTA
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