We’ve collaborated with IEH for over ten years, learning their complex field, redesigning their site, and enhancing it continually to serve their customers.

About The Client

IEH is a leading provider of Hyperboloid connectors, an electronic component used in the most demanding applications.


IEH has hundreds of parts, each with thousands of possible variations. They needed a web partner who could grasp the nuances of their field and their product, and create a site that made it easier for engineers to understand and specifiy their product.


We did a crash course in hyperboloid connector technology so that we could put ourselves in the shows of the engineers searching for IEH’s products. In 2011 we created a fresh new site with a unified, searchable product catalog that drew rave reviews from customers. We’ve continued our partnership ever since, making the site mobile-friendly, adding multiple languages, implementing a full content management system, and building powerful CAD tools to allow visitors to view and download custom 3D models.


  • Took four print catalogs representing millions of possible connectors and unified them into a searchable, faceted database. Added several new catalogs post-launch without requiring major database changes.
  • Created a 3D modeling tool that allows engineers to preview products in 3D space and download them as CAD file
  • Contributed to sales growth that helped lead to the client’s IPO and expansion to a new facility
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