International Monetary Fund

Since 2020, we have partnered with the IMF on their annual reports, presenting their important work to the world each year.

About The Client

The IMF promotes global economic growth and financial stability, encourages international trade, and reduces poverty.


The IMF annual report is full of data and insight, but it can lack flavor. The IMF wanted us to re-imagine what the report could look and feel like, in order to draw more readers in and properly showcase the critical work the IMF does.


Every year we collaborate with our partners at Feisty Brown, an exceptional editorial design studio, who are responsible for designing the print version of the AR. We work together to define an aesthetic that expresses the message of the IMF’s editorial team for the year’s content, then apply it both to print and web.

We bring the IMF’s data to life with rich data visualizations and interactive maps to tie data to real-world impact. The project runs from sprint through fall and has strict delivery deadlines, which we have always met.


  • Delivered highly visible and extensively reviewed public materials on time and on budget
  • Allowed any user around the world to engage with influential IMF content.
  • Increased global reach of Annual Report content through seamless social media integrations
Desktop version of IMF What We Do page
Build Forward Better page
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Responsive version of Who We Are section
Lending $98 billion to 54 countries article
Responsive version of What We Do page
IMF Twitter and Instagram highlights section
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