Northeastern University NuLawLab

Cantilever created a rich visual identify for the NuLawLab and created a two-site web ecosystem that showcased their innovative spirit.

About The Client

The NuLawLab is the interdisciplinary innovation laboratory at Northeastern University School of Law. They are leaders in the emerging global Legal Design movement.


Northeastern University’s NuLawLab was not only innovative within their space, they were creating their space. Therefore we needed to explain the lab while also explaining and showcasing the Legal Design movement at large.


Cantilever designed a fresh visual identity that communicates innovation.

Then we designed a quirky site for the lab itself, along with a unique time-based mapping tool called NuLawMaps, in collaboration with the excellent development team at Happy Cog. NuLawMaps allowed the client to tell stories through data, illustrating legal triumphs and tragedies from centuries ago to the present day.

NuLawMaps was nominated for a Webby Award in 2016 and used as a teaching tool at the law school. We were thrilled to be a part of work touching the lives of so many.


  • A website innovative enough for a Webby award nomination.
  • Tens of thousands of interactions with NuLawMaps projects
  • Integration of NuLawMaps as a teaching tool into Northeastern University classes.


Desktop landing page of NuLawLab
Recent works of NuLawLab
About page of NuLawLab
Map of Boston containing details of Day 19
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Desktop hero section of NuLawLab landing page
Responsive version of Recent work section
Mobile hero section of NuLawLab about page
Our History showcasing a map of California
NannyVan a project by NuLawLab
Responsive version of All projects section
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