PRIZM by Environics Analytics

We created a microsite that showcases the power of PRIZM, a powerful geographic consumer data product for marketers throughout Canada.

About The Client

PRIZM is a web-based product utilizing Canada's leading segmentation system to allow users to better analyze and understand customers and markets across the country.


Transform a Flash-based demonstration tool, buried on a subpage of the client's website, into a marketing microsite that showed the true potential of the product.


We created an interactive microsite that allows users to easily experience the amazingly detailed demographic results PRIZM could provide, across 10 different queries of data.

The microsite serves as a hub for PRIZM’s marketing efforts, whetting prospective customers’ appetites for having the power of this innovative product at their fingertips.

The site integrates directly with the client’s database to pull in preview data within an ArcGIS-driven map. We have maintained and updated the site year after year in reaction to changes in the product and to support strategic brand partnerships.


  • Devised an simple interface to demonstrate the a powerful software tool
  • Integrated seamlessly with client’s APIs to create a robust mapping component that draws off real client data
  • Post-launch migration of the microsite’s mapping software to a newer tool without interrupting use.
Desktop hero section of PRIZM landing page
Different segments of consumers with a Canadian map
The A-list detailed segment of how they live
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Create market driven data strategies overview
Responsive version of Turbo burbs segment on how they live
Mobile hero section of PRIZM landing page
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