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About The Client

ReportAll provides real estate parcel data at a fraction of the cost of traditional providers by using a technology-driving approach.


ReportAll had a functional but dry website and brand that did not impart the quality and legitimacy of the data they sell. They were missing out on customers because their website did not look professional and trustworthy.


We designed a website that communicated that ReportAll is a company that looks at technology not as a way to cut costs but as a way to serve people better. We arrived at a brand identity that is techy, but not distant. We envisioned their brand voice as being a friendly robot, like Clippy, but not annoying. We created a site that communicates the freshness of their approach, opting for an unorthodox side-by-side layout, populated with quirky animated SVG graphics and fun patterns based on map shapes. We worked directly with their developers, ensuring that our frontend code would integrate correctly with their complex backend systems.


  • Helped automate the sales process for ReportAll by creating an intuitive self-service purchasing portal
  • Created frontend code that seamlessly mapped onto the client’s existing backend. Consulted with client’s backend teams to ensure a quality fit.
  • Delivered all code in a modular system that ReportAll’s own developers can build into, reducing long-term costs
Desktop hero section of Report All landing page
Report All features: ReportAll Online, ReportAll API and Parlay 2.0
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How we keep our prices so low
Parcel Data Store: Downloads and more.
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