Rustic Pathways

We partnered with Rustic over a five-year engagement encompassing several coordinated site builds, helping drive major revenue growth.

About The Client

Rustic Pathways is the leader in transformative teen travel.


Rustic Pathways had three outdated and disconnected outdated websites for three different program types. The sites were missing the magic, excitement, and tactile experience of their travel and exploration programs.


Over the course of a five year partnership, we overhauled all three sites and then unified them into a common design system and codebase. We implemented advanced features like a recommendation engine and Salesforce-integrated custom checkout flow.

Use of Rustic Pathway's incredible visual library throughout the site allowed users from all audiences to navigate their choices with a sense of adventure, previewing their travel experience.


  • An integrated tech ecosystem spurring 400% business growth
  • A site using frontend code written in a systematized, reusable matter to promote speed and expansion into new user features
  • A website user experience personalized to reward return visitors
Desktop hero section of Rustic Pathways landing page
Menu in open state showcasing students from different countries
Featured in New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Wyse Travel Confederation
Testimonials from Zachary Rosenthal, Morgan Zee, and Kimberly White.
Different programs offered by Rustic Pathways
Why Rustic Pathways? Transformative, Impactful and Trustworthy.
Student travel programs by Rustic Pathways
Different locations of student travel program
Turtle conservation program in Costa Rica
Program details about turtle conservation in Costa Rica
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Mobile hero section of Rustic Pathways landing page
Student programs in United States
Details about the student program in United States
Mobile landing page of turtle conservation program
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